Beard Oil Sampler 4 Pack (15ml each)

Four 1/2 oz bottles of your choice. Just let me know which you would like to try.


MudCat Menu of Beard Oils-


Notes of Tonka Bean, Mahogany, Caramel, Vanilla, Saffron, Almond, and Clove


Bayou Black- 

Notes of Dark Rich Amber and Lavender accented with an Earthy tones, and softened with deep Vanilla



Notes of Cuban Tobacco and Texas Cedarwood Essential Oil



Notes of Pure Dark Roasted Coffee (Coffee Essential Oil)


Eucalyptus Spearmint- 

Notes of Earthy Eucalyptus and Clean Crisp Spearmint (Essential Oils)



Notes of Warm, Rich Tobacco and Exotic Spices


Jean Lafitte- 

Notes of Bay Leaf, Rum, and Peppery Spices



A Masculine Cologne type with Base Notes of Virginia Cedar and Musk, Middle Notes (Heart Notes) of Leather, and Spice with Top Notes of a Citrusy Bergamot Blend



Base Notes of Vetiver, Deep Earthy Mahogany with Middle Notes (Heart Notes) Egyptian Musk and Top Notes of Exotic Spice



Base Notes of Patchouli, Warm Woods with Middle Notes (Heart Notes) Black Peppercorn, and Leather and Finished with Top Notes that are Clean and Crisp



Base Notes of Rich Dark Chocolate and Amber with Middle (Heart Notes) of Caramel and Top Notes of Sea Salt


Pappaw’s Pipe- 

Notes of Deep Dark Cherry and Smooth Cuban Tobacco



Base Notes of Sweet Tobacco Leaf with Middle Notes (Heart Notes) of Warm Wild Honey, Rich Moroccan Spice and Top Notes of Mild Citrus



Base Notes of Texas Cedar, Tonka Bean, with Middle Notes of Spiced Cardamom and Top Notes of Talcum, and Clean Rain


Skinned (Unscented)- 

My unscented blend (for Hunting Season and those with aversions to strong scents)



Notes of Clean Crisp Teakwood



Base Notes of Bourbon and Sandalwood with Middle (Heart Notes) of Caramel and Top Notes of Clean Spices



Base Notes of Vetiver, Earth, and Deep Woods with Middle (Heart Notes) of White Tea, Sea Salt, Green Lily, and Top Notes of Crisp Bergamot



Base Notes of Frankincense, Deep Rich Amber, Moss and Earth with Middle (Heart Notes) of White Pepper, and Top Notes of Exotic Spice


Witching Hour-  (OUT OF STOCK)

Base Notes of Vetiver, Amberwood Moss, and Patchouli with Middle (Heart Notes) of Lavender and Jasmine and Top Notes of Crisp Clean Bergamot



Base Notes of Deep Rich Spice with Middle (Heart Notes) of Light Wood, and Pepper and Top Notes of Satsuma and Rich Citrus

Beard Oil Sampler 4 Pack (15ml each)



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