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MudCat Whiskers Scent Profiles & Descriptions

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The intricate notes of Mahogany, Caramel, Vanilla, Saffron, Almond, Clove, and Roasted Tonka Beans meld to give relaxation and calm with an air of sophistication. 


Bayou Black- 

Bayou Black is a sophisticated blend of Dark Rich Amber and Lavender accented with an Earthy tones, and softened with deep Vanilla. This warm tranquil blend is soothing yet sultry. You won't be disappointed.



This clean blend features Black Salt, which reminds me of the salt mines of Avery Island, and Cypress, which can be found throughout Louisiana. This combination of Black Salt and Cypress is accentuated with crisp notes of green bamboo, and summer rain.



The underlying Aged Redwood and Roasted Tonka Beans ad an exquisite depth to Aromatic Vetiver as the bouquet of Red Saffron and subtle spice of White Musk bring both balance and excitement to this truly artistic blend.


Eucalyptus Spearmint- 

The subtle hint of eucalyptus accentuates fresh spearmint and subtle spice brings balance to my handcrafted essential oil blend.

Evangeline- (Currently Unavailable)

Notes of Warm, Rich Tobacco and Exotic Spices


Fig'n Awesome-

My Fig'n Awesome blend features base notes of rich Dark Fig, Sugared Vanilla, and Black Oak. These are perfectly paired with mid-notes Honey, Sugar, and Black Currant. This Awesome blend is brightened with top notes of Ginger and Citrus.

Jean Lafitte- 

Jean Laffite was a famous privateer (pirate) in the Gulf of Mexico, who actually aided in the Battle of New Orleans. Our version of Bay Rum Beard Oil honors this great Louisiana Pirate. Notes of Bay Leaf, Rum, and Peppery Spices

Jean Luc-

Jean Luc loves Earl Grey Tea, and you’re going to love my new blend! Featuring base notes of Black Tea, which is accentuated with notes of Bergamot, Verbena, and a hint of Lemon.


A Masculine Cologne type with Base Notes of Virginia Cedar and Musk, Middle Notes (Heart Notes) of Leather, and Spice with Top Notes of a Citrusy Bergamot Blend


Magazine is inspired by the Antique Shops, Boutiques, and aesthetic of Magazine Street in New Orleans. This blend features smoked mahogany which which is accented with exotic spices, and notes of clean citrus. Base Notes of Vetiver, Deep Earthy Mahogany with Middle Notes (Heart Notes) Egyptian Musk and Top Notes of Exotic Spice

Pappaw’s Pipe- 

Pappaw’s Pipe by MudCat Whiskers will remind you of walking into your Grandpa's study. Our handcrafted Dark Cherry Pipe Tobacco fragrance brings deep notes of rolled tobacco with a rich cherry finish. This is one of our classic blends that perfectly capsulates the art of manliness. 

Being often described as the best cherry tobacco fragrance on the market, Pappaw's Pipe has often brought memories rushing back of a simpler time and amazing stories.


Parish is a very unique fragrance by MudCat Whiskers which blends the sweet aroma of Tobacco Leaf with the sultry earthiness of Dark Amber. The exotic notes of spice and light musk, intermingle with the sweet earth to create an unforgettable finish.


Rayne by MudCat Whiskers is a clean, refreshing scent with balanced notes of talcum powder, and subtle spice. It will give that fresh from the barber feel to clean up your morning routine. It is often described as a shower fresh blend that is both relaxing and pleasantly enjoyable.

Skinned (Unscented)- 

My unscented blend (for Hunting Season and those with aversions to strong scents)

The Quarter-

The Quarter features aromas that are inspired by walking through a fresh courtyard on your way to visit friends at your local tavern. Notes of Vanilla, Burmese Wood, Tobacco, Rum, Leather, Oud, and Incense meld together to form an amazingly sophisticated Old World blend. 


Traiteur is built with an earthy Vetiver base, featuring citrusy top notes of Bergamot, and is balanced out with middle notes of White Tea, Green Lily, and Sea Salt.


Tupelo features notes of Sage, Cedar, Juniper, and White Musk is accentuated with airs of Jasmine for an exotically clean fragrance


Base Notes of Frankincense, Deep Rich Amber, Moss and Earth with Middle (Heart Notes) of White Pepper, and Top Notes of Exotic Spice

Witching Hour- 

Witching Hour features the grounding essence of Amberwood Moss, Vetiver, and notes of Patchouli, which are uplifted with the crisp air of Bergamot and Jasmine.


Zydeco by MudCat Whiskers blends the sweet citrus of satsuma with a peppery cayenne finish. This complex blend will surprise you as it opens up throughout the day. It is truly reminiscent of the upbeat Cajun dance from which it gets its name. Base Notes of Deep Rich Spice with Middle (Heart Notes) of Light Wood, and Pepper and Top Notes of Satsuma and Rich Citrus

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